I need your help about precision landing IRLOCK

I am trying precision landing using IRLOCK.
I set up PLND parameters like as follows

IRLOCK firmware is MarkOne_1.0.1.hex and I checked the sensor was tracking beacon well using PixyMon version 1.0.2.

I tryed precision landing flight test several times. but, It didn’t work.
when I saw the log, PL Heal = 1, and other things are zero(Tacq, pX,pY etc.)

and rangefinder must be needed when precision landing?

somebody, could you tell me what’s wrong with this situation?

I think rangefinder is needed. Also check that the PLND_BUS is set correctly.

I checked bus is correct. becasue I couldn’t see ‘bad vision’ message.
you mean this problem could be rangefinder?
I will try. thank you for your reply

Think so, since it is written in the first line of the wiki.