I need help with flying a fixed wing vtol

hey guys, so i recently bought a Fixed wing VTOL, but i am not sure on how to execute a Autonomous flight with it for mapping. i wanted to ask what is the safest option for flying it, should i execute AUTO after i armed the plane on mission planner or should i flick the AUTO mode i set on the controller after i hover it around maybe 10-20 meters? incase you are wondering what model of VTOL i have, i’ll just post a link here

and my controller is the FUTABA T14SG

I dont have any background in flying VTOL with pixhawk, i mainly used a DJI phantom 4, the reason why i bought a VTOL is for large mapping for my projects, i posted here because i really cant understand on how to fly it and i wanted to make sure not to damage the unit i own and not to hurt anyone. There should be a training for this when i bought it, but the problem was there has been a pandemic and i wouldn’t risk my life to go to the factory and china and train. thank you and i hope you understood my situation because im really desperate to make this work

Hey Jude (oh now I have this melody stuck in my head…),
did you manage to get the VTOL into the air? May I ask how much it was? I’m presently looking at buying the very same…

Your VTOL looks great; I am not a practical VTOL flyer but I think again ‘I THINK’ it’s better to connect to the GCS and put everything further in Autonomous mode as it supports auto flight with route memory apart from RTK and PPK features things will work like a charm for you. Anyways what price you paid for the drone? Does it have LIDAR support? Congrats on the new Addition to you UAV collection.