I lost connection from the plane suddenly in the middle of the mission. no log after that

for some reason, i lot the plane suddenly when it was doing surveying mission.

suddenly i lost the telemetry, while it was around 500 m away from me. and there was no data link so ever after that. luckily i found the plane,

log also stops recording from some point. and no error message, Do you have any idea what might be the problem?


Log on the link below


Hi @Artem_Skorsky

On the final part of your flight (from the log) your battery was oscillating the voltage around the Fail safe value, but there were some extreme low values that might have caused a brownout of the entire system. Try to also enable a current meter.

Even battery at that level autopilot should be powered and log should be recorded

Stops recording suddenly and landed without damage. I am guesing still servos controlled roll after log stop. Also esc cut off voltage is disabled

Seems i found te problem, I had bad connection on battey connector.

Great to know that. …

I found it luckly when i was preparing to make an other flight)