I have some problem with take off

I use mpro pixhawk with ardupilot firmware and Spektrum DX6 transmitter.

I have two issue with take-off at stabilized mode.

First, when it takes-off, it moves right slightly.

Trim of the roll is zero but it keep moving.

Second, it can’t control the throttle precisely.

It starts taking off when throttle signal is 16-18, and it’s speed it to fast.

I saw the doc that stabilized mode is set when throttle signal is 50, drone hover. And it takes its altitude and position autonomously.

But there are nothing correct with my drone.

My video is Here.

Thank you.

if your copter is not physically balanced its will move to one side in non auto modes like stabilize and althold
and did you tuned your craft ?

In stabilize mode you have to actually fly your copter. The mode you are talking about is LOITER.