I have a question about Navio2 and raspberry pi.

I have a question about Navio2 and raspberry pi.

  1. I wonder what role the raspberry pi that connects to Navio2
    I asked the community that when the mission is handed over from the mission planner to Navio2, it is stored in Navio2’s memory.
    (If not, tell me what happens.)
    Then, I wonder what role raspberry pi plays.
    Please explain in detail what role Navio2 and raspberry pi each play.
  2. I wonder where the motor output connected to Navio2 is involved.
    The pin connected to the motor is in Navio2, but I wonder if Navio2 commands the output to the motor or raspberry pi commands the output to the motor.


You can refer to Navio page for this info:

Basically , Navio is the sensor shield and RPi is running Ardupilot on a Linux based firmware release.
As for Missions and logs and other files, they are store in the RPI as a file in the /var/lib directory.

As described in the Navio page, the Servo and RC are connected to:
RC I/O co-processor: Accepts PPM/SBUS input and provides 14 PWM output channels for motors and servos

Thank you for your answers.
But I have more questions, so I’m asking you again.
You told me that missions, logs, and other files are stored in /var/lib.
But /var/lib has various files…Are the files in the adupilot folder in it mission and other files?
And can I ask you what kind of files do?

I see you already asking there

When I asked you last time, you said that the mission, log, and other files are saved as the directory files of Rpi’s /var/lib.
I checked that if you apply the ardupilot, the folder called ardupilot will be created.
And I checked that there was an arducopter.stg and log folder that I applied.
If you do arurover, you will get ardurover.stg.
But I don’t know what each role is, can you tell me?
I don’t want the details.
Simply, I want to know what kind of role some files play.
Also, as I asked above, I would like to know where it is stored if GCS issues a waypoint and mission execution command from rpi.

I want to synchronize raspberry pi 1 and 2.
So ultimately, I want to create a project where raspberry pi 2 receives the waypoint and mission executable file of raspberry pi 1 without any user intervention.
Please check it.
Thank you.