I have a problem, the plane changes altitude during the route

I tried to keep the aircraft flying at a fixed altitude in auto mode, but the aircraft would change altitude every time during flight, flying 50 or even 100cm high. I don’t know why. I tried modifying many parameters but the aircraft still behaved like this.

I want to know why the altitude of the plane increases

The 1st thing I would so is update to latest Stable and be working on EKF3. Why do you Arming checks off? And re-think the PID Rate pitch/roll P&I ratio. Not sure how you arrived at that. Notch filter isn’t set.

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I tried ek3 but the result was the same. I reconfigured the pid but the result remained the same. I saw that the vibration values ​​were relatively good. Is it possible not to configure fft? Is this height change related to the vibration?