I dropped my drone from a building... having mission issues


I’m drop throwing my drone from a building and want it to do a mission,
I’m stumbling into a few issues.

My extra settings:
Throw mode drop
Throw next mode auto.
Drop height 30-50m
Version 3.6.8
tf mini rangefinder

Mission land command - Putting GPS coordinates to land command and it still lands on the drop spot, Wiki says it will land on the GPS coordinates of the land command. I think i had this working with same drop setup on older version but not sure.

Mission waypoint and loiter time command - Putting height 0 the copter climbs to zero height , it was armed on the building at 50m and the altitude was set to 0 - it stabilizes from the drop at about -10 (which is actually 40m) and then should go to a way point and keep current altitude if the height of the waypoint is set to 0 but instead it climbs to 0 altitude and then continue to land (my next mission command since land with coordinates doesn’t get it to the land spot) - again, i think this was working on older version as the wiki describes

Lidar handiling with baro and missions-
I saw many places says not to put EK2_ALT_SOURCE to the rangefinder, and indeed i had a flyaway :slight_smile:
Setting mission to terrain height gets the most accurate height compared to the lidar actual measurement.
Setting to relative height is not parallel to the lidar measurement.
When trying to start a terrain mission beyond the lidar range i get terrain error i also get it with lidar disabled while having telemetry and internet connection to the GC.

the other problem is how will the drop handle getting back the real lidar height once it is back in lidar range after descending at altitude -44 which is actually 6m?

My end goal is to make a more sophisticated mission after the drop, not just land.