I could not be able to run my drone remotely inside door (gps no fix)

“I have a Pixhawk 2.4.8 drone. I want to automate this drone using Linux and Python code instead of remote control. I have been able to do this successfully in an open and empty area, but my goal is to use the drone in a warehouse. I think I couldn’t succeed due to security reasons or because the drone cannot detect GPS signals. If anyone has experience in this area, can they help me? I want to fly the drone in a warehouse and control it with Python (3) (e.g., take off, land, move right, move left, etc.). If I need to deactivate the security feature for this or if I need to purchase any additional devices, I can act accordingly based on the guidance. I am seeking advice as I have no knowledge in this area.”

This question has been posted many times in the forum.

Just google for “ArduCopter non GPS navigation” or search this forum.

ok thank you for replying