I can't QGC for Nvidia Jetson Nano

Hi everyone. I study on a simple autonomous drone. My flight control card is Pixhawk Cube Orange I’m using a companion computer, Jetson Nano (ubuntu 18.04) . I’m trying to use QGroundControl on Nano. But i got some issues. Nano uses ARM64. The problem may be caused by this. What can i do this?

I followed the steps in this link:

the issue:
bash: ./QGroundControl.AppImage: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Correct. The pre-compiled Linux build is for x86-64 platforms and won’t run on ARM systems. To run it on a Jetson, you’ll need to compile QgroundControl from source.

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Yes. Because i follow the parts in this link. But i got a problem again. I can’t install Qt. Qt is giving a similar trouble.