I can't find the parameter responsible for the pitch angle of the aircraft in automatic mode

There is already a similar article, but it failed to get an answer, so I decided to create a new one.
I use Matek H743 and fw 4.3.7 need the aircraft to automatically descend at an angle of 30% along the slope, but I could not find the parameters responsible for this.

The WP_NAV_ANGLE parameter is not in the list of parameters, perhaps I need to include something to display it? or use an additional script? or is the parameter I need called differently? I would be extremely grateful for any ideas. I will attach the file with the parameters a little later.

I attach a file with parameters
list.param.param (23.7 KB)

Are you trying to control the pitch angle of the aircraft itself, or the angle of the flight path of the aircraft?

In general in automatic mode it’s the flight path of the aircraft that is being described, not the attitude of the aircraft.

If you want to control the angle of the flight path of the aircraft, adjust your waypoint spacing and altitude to give the desired flight path angle.

I create a route in the mission planner based on the absolute altitude and the planner sets the altitude itself, after creating the mission, the distance and angle between the points can be seen, which is about -30 degrees, however, in fact, when performing the march, the maximum angle of inclination does not exceed -10 degrees.

I’m guessing you’re either hitting LIM_PITCH_MIN or a TECS speed/descent rate limit.

I’m only answering because you’ve gotten so few replies - my knowledge of Plane tuning is rather limited.

LIM_PITCH_MIN is set to more than -30 degrees and it is only responsible for flight in stabilization modes.
And I will study the parameters of TESS in more detail, I will not give up specifics.

TECS uses LIM_PITCH_MIN depending on other settings.

I’m thinking you’d want to look at TECS_SINK_MAX and ARSPD_FBW_MAX. LIM_PITCH_MIN should apply in waypoint-based AUTO modes.

Hi @BlackFear
Have you managed to get it working? I’m trying to achieve the same task.