I cannot set Geo Fence

after installed Arducopter i cannot set Geo Fence.
The field Geo Fence_Enabled is not active.

how i can set Geo Fence ?

Which board do you have? Some boards have the fence feature disabled.

@amilcarlucas i have Esp32

Has the geofence feature been compiled in?

You really need to state that in every post you create.

@dkemxr it’s a problem if i say this ?
what’s the problem ??

ESP32 is basically experimental and very feature-barren. Fences probably aren’t a part of the included feature set.

@amilcarlucas mmm… think not was compiled…i must modify firmware.
thanks for info

@Yuri_Rage yes. i think that i must add to firmware.

The problem is if you don’t state it people will assume it’s something basic relative to a standard flight controller and reply needlessly rather than an edge case like the ESP32. As can be seen in your previous posts.

It’s like walking into a car mechanic’s shop and having a conversation like this:

Customer: I can’t shift into 4-wheel drive.
Mechanic: What position is the gear selector in?
Customer: I don’t see a gear selector.
Mechanic: Are there any 4WD warnings on the dash?
Customer: I don’t have those either.
Mechanic: Is there an electric switch labeled 4WD?
Customer: No.
Mechanic: Is it a 4WD vehicle?
Customer: Well, Honda makes 4WD trucks, so I expect my motorcycle to have that feature.

Start by describing the hardware in use and the firmware version. Then describe the issue.


@dkemxr the setup of ESP32 is the same of another flight controller. Not change much. My questions are how to set Mission Planner that i dont know fine. I have build my first drone with Pixhawk and Arducopter in the 2020, but after i have used Inav and Betaflight and i dont remember fine MP. I’m return to Arducopter becouse i think have many functions but is also very complicate.

Simply stating the hardware you are working with will save everyone time.

I don’t think so.

It has nothing to do with Mission Planner. And if it did you are posting in the wrong place.

Simply state in the post title you are working with an ESP32 implementation. And you will likely get more targeted information in the ESP32 Discord channel.

@dkemxr mmm…here we talk about Mission Planner or not ?
any users speak about MP…why i cannot speak and ask of this ?

No. We talk about Mission planner here:
Questions about Ground Control Software>Mission Planner go here