I broke my quadrocopter on a stone! and I liked it)))))

I’m tired … I spent hundreds of hours reading forums and finding problems, but I couldn’t understand why it does not fly as given, I even put 2 gps modules but the error repeated … I changed the propellers and changed the settings … Now I drink bitter vodka and look at the work of my own hands …
log https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5DCi/3qQeF51cA

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the logo shows:

  • you have 1 gps or use better option and it’s not the best configured - after HDOP I can see that you probably have galileo, glonas and gps switched on at the same time which causes slow gps update. Turn on glonas and galileo or gps and galileo. I have 2gps and one gps + galileo and in the other, glas and galileo. data from the first magnetometer is a tragedy - turn it off or screen. You have high vibrations. mount better driver damping, balance the propellers. Did something go wrong in the autotun you started? After the att chart, I see that the pids are completely wrong and the overdrives and oscillations on the axes. Write what frame, weight, engines and battery you have and I will try to give you start pids. On a narrative copter they will be much smaller than start ones in an arducopter. Na zdrowie…

you do not understand the meaning of the photo? I broke it in the trash !!!
but if you’re interested I will answer
рама 250
Holybro F7 AIO
вес 1000 грамм
пропеллеры 7 дюймов

It’s happening every time in rc hobby.
Build, fly, crash, repeat

I picked it up and hit it with a big stone !!! I feel better, now I’m not worried about the fact that it does not work as it should !!!


and what could I do ??? support is napping, boards are fake, how to live on?

Try again.
Several weeks ago I lost my talon nano in the forest. Unfortunately it was found and destroyed by vandals before I picked it up.
So what? I’d started a new build.
In AP world reading manuals is everything… Support isn’t too fast. Inav for noobs, AP for nerds.

have a quad on the kakute f7 750g f450 and it’s great on both betaflight and arducopter. I can help you choose the pidas, because the logo shows that after tuning it can fly great … I also lost the 3 inch omnibus on the arducopter 3.6.10 software - after the autotun it got stuck and flew away

I think you need anger management classes.

I understand the frustration. You should have put that on the shelf, taken a break, and come back to it later. Or put Betaflight on it - it flies small quads better out of the gate.

Not sure what you were expecting here by posting your smashed quad.

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I’ve been struggling with vibrations for so long! it’s useless … even with new propellers

vibrations were not critical in the published log.
probably pids were too high 2-3 times, maybe pid d was too high. Such a small quad on kakute has pid p (roll / pitch) about 0.04 and throttle 0.3 / 0.6. If you entered default pids of 0.15; 05/1 is guaranteed oscillations …

I know about pid d, it is 0.01, the parameter p and I are 50, for a test flight, the flight controller is on vibration racks, everyone tells me that this is vibration, but I know that this is not entirely the case, I spend a lot of time on a quadrocopter. … And to no avail, I live in a very small city and in the vicinity no one does this

try these pids to start with:
Stabilize Roll,Pitch.Yaw : 2,5
Rate Roll/Pitch:
P 0,035
i 0,035
D 0,002
IMAX 0,15
FiLT 40
Rate YAW:
p 0,08
i 0,01
d 0

Throttle accel:
p 0,25
I 0,5
D 0
test in stabilize first. Good luck

I tried to install it. I read the whole topic about small quadrocopters on this forum. I applied the recommendations, but the problem remained. I was already confused I do not know who to contact. there’s only one thing left to smash him to smithereens so I at least got some pleasure from my hobby. I will continue This later when I come to my senses

I feel your pain. I’m old and about 2 years ago I was looking for a new hobby. Never an RC guy but I got into larger manufactured sUAVs. Love my hobby and figured I try a build, expand my knowledge of the mechanics so to speak. I decided to build a Tarot 650 using Pixhawk FC.

Given my Youtube experience, I figured I’d have this thing flying like an eagle in a month or so. I was so wrong. If open source is not your forte, the learning curve is almost vertical if you want to accomplish anything in short time. I’m not stupid and I have finally got my eagle to fly (but it took me about a year to finally get a stable hover. Remember though, I am a complete novice and I’d only devote maybe 10 hrs/week to it). Nevertheless, I still got alot of learning to do to get this thing to fly like a manufactured bird.

So, I guess my point is, this stuff is only really easy for those that do it for a living. Regardless, it’s not like it can’t be learned and that’s what this open source stuff is all about, ideally.

Thanks for the kind words ! I am pleased, it’s good when there are understanding people) I have 650 tarot and it flies as it should, but I can’t conquer the 250 model

In my honest opinion, a flight controller running BetaFlight is a better match for “small” aircraft.

I have a 250 with an Omnibus F4 Pro V3 flight controller. I’m using “old” ESCs with BlHeli. I’m using the Oneshot125 protocol.

Motors are inexpensive EMAX 2204-2300Kv.

Props are GemFan 6030 Nylon/Glass Fiber.

Video TX is a TS5832S 5.8gHz 40 channel using the Team black Sheep SmartAudio protocol.

Video Camera is an inexpensive 600 TVL with a CMOS imaging sensor.

This aircraft flies perfectly on the DEFAULT PIDS.

Radio is a FrSky QX7. I am running BetaFlight LUA telemetry scripts, so I have access to PIDS and other settings/telemetry data at the radio.

The receiver is a FrSky R-SXR using F.Port.

maybe it’s in the motors or frame? or in the area where I am, and I live on the Kola Peninsula, there is a lot of stone. I also have never changed motors on this frame, t-motor f40 1600 kv

There is no need to make guesses.
Once you rebuild (or if you rebuild), hover for a while and upload a log. we’ll be able to tell if it’s vibrations or tuning or magnetometer, or barometer, etc…

Main thing on these small copters is getting the filters set up correctly. With the gyro and D term filters set correctly, and with the dynamic notch filter, I can fly with almost any PID’s. Even the defaults work well enough to fly and auto-tune.

Beyond that, vibration damping. Don’t try hard mounting the FC. At the least you need rubber stand-off’s.
And have foam over the barometer.

You have powerful engines. Please send me the .param file and I will try to prepare it so that it can perform autotune correctly.