I broke my quadrocopter on a stone! and I liked it)))))

I agree with you, but it does not have the function of auto return home and other navigation modes.

I see this parameter 002 but I have With this parameter a strong oscillation appeared on the roll.
Only works with parameter d 001.

Why do you recommend motors with such a high kW.my parameter is 1600

I did not “recommend” those motors. The quad came as a kit with those motors. They work very well.

If you want just an RTL function, Betaflight has a “Rescue” mode.

If you want other GPS modes like Loiter, use the iNav firmware.

The ardupilot firmware can figure out the real Guru of his business. I want to become one. Therefore, I do not want to deal with firmware betaflight and inav.
By the way, I had the experience of building a quadrocopter on inav firmware of the same small size, when braking in navigation mode, it always carried me to the right side. Well at high altitude and removal, there were sometimes unclear stabilization failures causing the quadrocopter to move unstable inadequately.I wrote a lot on the forums about this problem, I laid out vlogs, but no one could understand or explain the cause of this malfunction. This malfunction is very big for me, because I lost my quadrocopter on the several times because of it.the on ardupilot It flies very well I really like this The quadrocopter firmware on the 450 and 650 frame flies perfectly.

Arducopter works great on small copters… I see no reason to recommend betaflight or inav these days. I have 7 copters between 250mm and 100mm frames. (2 with 5" props, 4 with 3" props, and 1 with 2" props). All of them working great.
You’ve got to get the filters set up properly… Gyro to 100hz. FiltD to 80hz. FiltT to about 50hz. Then enable the ESC Telemetry based dynamic notch filter. Then put P and I for Roll and Pitch to about .08, and D to about .001. Try leaving Yaw on its defaults. Set Yaw FiltE to about 20hz. Set mot_spin_min and mot_spin_arm to about .03. Then see if you can hover well enough to engage auto_tune.

We’re working on a default set of parameters for small copters so it’s easier to get started.

What flight controller and ESC are you using in your little drones?

Omnibus nano (f4) and kakute mini (f7). the kakute is MUCH more sensitive to vibrations… It has a different IMU than the omnibus. But, I eventually got it working. I think I’d still recommend the omnibus for anyone building their first small copter. I really struggled getting the vibrations under control w/ the kakute. The omnibus will fly w/ chipped and bent props w/out any problem.

I’ve been through at least 10 ESC’s, and most of them have problems w/ low voltage on 2s.
Some ESC’s have issues w/ telemetry not actually showing everything they’re supposed to. Some are super inefficient. I just had one (Lumenier) that gave me about 20% less flight time…
The aikon ak32 has been great. Works down to about 5.5v w/out modification. Efficient. Telemetry works. So, that’s what I use on the copters I fly frequently.

My 250 size copters have pixracers and I don’t know what ESC’s… I haven’t done much w/ them in a few years.

po autotune.param (15.5 KB)
For example, I found an old param file from the arducopter 3.7.0 after autotune. Because the quad flew on Kakute f7 , kv960 engines and 10-inch propellers and a 3s battery your pids will probably be much smaller. To properly open the old file, use the old MP version, e.g. 1.3.59, because the latest one shows pids and other values shifted by several decimal places. I also tried inav on this quad but Althold was not satisfying me and poshold at stopping was weak but inav now has a lot version Currently, the quad has betaflight 4.1 and rpm propellers 8 inches and 5s battery and years are excellent, but as you know in betaflight there is no althold and pozhold or loiter.

What are your regulators? are they blhelis or blheli32 or old ones from Simonk.I used to confid f250 on kv1600 engines and 8 inch propellers and my colleague had Simonk regulators on which it was impossible to set good pids at all, there were still oscillations. We changed to blhelis with dynamic braking and quad flew brilliantly - which is true on betaflight …

That information will be of great help to me.


Today I flew on a large frame and noticed strange behavior, I installed a new gps module, and the errors seemed to stop bothering. but some strange z-axis vibration

By the way, I took a little rest and decided to build a new project. took an old frame (tarot 650) bought a new f765 from matek. What can I say, it flies great !!! it is very stable and there are no errors, although there are vibrations of about 30, it has flown for many hours, there is still a problem with the compass (there are two of them installed), but this is nothing. Thanks for the support to the guys on this forum and in this thread, many human thanks! I think the reason was the f 405 board, it looks like it is a Chinese fake.
6 kilometers, stable flight

returned! all is well, communication is excellent!

flies without deviations)))

it is not always possible to help with experience and knowledge, sometimes you need to support spiritually