I am not sure if this was a stall or not

Hello everyone,

I am quite new to ardupilot. I had a couple of successful flights so far. But today wasn’t a lucky one and I managed crash land the plane.

Here are the relevant bits.

The highlighted area is a sharp turn. After that, the plane starts to drop.
But it didn’t look a stall drop. Usually a stall drop is more sudden and is followed by a quick recovery.
This one was more like the plane was going down relatively slow compared to stall situations that I simulated in the past on the same plane at high altitude.
And I think it had quite some time to recover considering it was full throttle all the time.

One wierd thing - the gps alt has a lag compared to baro. In previous flights the gps altitude follows closely the baro altitude.

Indeed this could be a stall. But maybe there is something else that I missed by looking at the logs.

These are my logs https://drive.google.com/file/d/1enxsPzr3BFoMGD9XZr3ktu33ivjhWBSj/view?usp=sharing

For the record:
Model - 1.8m glider with V-tail and pusher prop mounted at the rear
RCOU configuration - C4 aieron, C5 vtailLeft, C6 vtailRight, C8 ESC

Thank you for your help!

Indeed, at minute 16:33 there is a stall. You can see how the pitch and the demanded pitch diverge, and this is what indicates that it is a stall.

Thanks for clarifications. I will do some more tests and probably will limit the bank angle to something less than 60 degrees which is the current value.