Huge coptel stabilization and min throttle

Copter has 6 8318 motors with 30inch props, and the problem is when it tries to stabilize after sharp movement some props almost stops so motors can’t spin up them quickly…
Is there any way to set minimum throttle during flight?

P. S. If I attach 10kg cargo, it flies well

Of course some motors will stop if your bird is overpowered. The alternative would be to gain altitude. I saw it on a quad doing Autotune and my heart skipped a few beats.

What ESCs is your hexa sporting ?

Autotune works fine, but if I’ll make sharp movement it won’t stabilize. So I’m thinking to increase min throttle and decrease maximum angle.
ESC is HOBBYWING HV 80A I’m flying on 12s

I guess for big copters until we have a functionality to log esc usually used on big builds (t-motor Hobbywing) we are a bit blind.

Can’t you increase MOT_SPIN_MIN to raise the minimum speed in stabilize modes?

Decreased maх angle, and increased mot_spin_min - helped a bit…