How to view parameter files without being connected?


Quick question.
How do I load and view a parameter file in MP so I can take a look at the settings without being connected?

And if possible edit them to save for later when I am connected.

And if I can’t in MP without being connected, is there a standalone app as a parameter file reader, editor that doesn’t require you to be connected?


If you save a copy of your parameters in the Full Parameter view. This save a text file that can be open in notepad or wordpad. If you only need to change a couple of parameters you can just put those items in a separate file and load them later.


Since posting this question I discovered a text editor will open the .param file and I can read it.

But that’s not quite as elaborate a view as when loaded into MP. The view you get when open in MP what I’m after if possible.

Any suggestions?


Short of taking the C# code from Mission Planner and building your own screen.


Well, there’s a quite easy way to test parameters.

Launch MP, then on MP start the SITL and then you can “play” with parameters, and in the end save them, or load them from/to a file.

@ Mike - lol, I haven’t dealt with C in far too long to take the challenge on. More into python these days and even with that my chops aren’t up… speaking of which I really need to get back into it soon and up my skill set in that area.

@ Luis - I take it you still have to be connected to initially load the parameter file before going into SITL? (SITL meaning Simulation I’m presuming)

I just don’t want to have to hook up the bird every time just to look at/compare or make changes to a .param file every time. It’s somewhat of a pain in the butt as my bird house is a case, bird nested battery out, retract’s up. TX antennas removed.

To just look at the .param I have to get it out, put battery in, antennae on tx, bind, retracts down, turn it all off, connect to the comp, open MP, connect to the bird… Then reverse to re-nest her just for a quick look see at a .param file.

Thought there might be an offline way built into MP at this point. Or an off shoot app for this.

New to MP , so I asked to be sure…

Well, you’ve got to start somewhere, so the initial param file should come from the PixHawk :slight_smile: but after that you only need to connect the PixHawk to upload the final changed param file.

Or, you can start from a default param file that is loaded the first time you start SITL

I’m not using a Pix-Hawk… but I get what your saying.
However, I don’t want to connect. The reason for the thread.

I have the .param file on comp. I want to load it
without connecting.

Simulation, or SITL didn’t load anything default or otherwise when I opened up MP. But then, I wasn’t connected. I take it, it’s connected dependant.


The short is, MP doesn’t support this option.

Thanx for the replies

  • chase -

Well,if a picture is better than a thousand words here goes.

When I’m not connected. And haven’t been.
Open MP
Click SITL
The command prompt window opens with a ton of error messages.
Telling me no parameter file… load error… blah blah blah.
Sorry I didn’t have my photographic memory switched on at the moment to quote the error message.
No second window to load a .param file as in your video.

When I just recorded that video there was no Copter connected.

If you have errors check network connectivity because SITL must be downloaded (there’s a brief flash on the screen, but internet here is quite fast and pc also).

After SITL loads and initializes it automatically connects to MP just like a normal vehicle (but via network).

Yup, I remember internet access being part of the error message…

I wasn’t connected to the net as I have to use my cell as a hot spot… and apparently as I found out last month, the unlimited access I pay for every month… has a limit… go figure. So I use it sparingly. Mainly for updating.

But, that’s good to know. Thanks for clarifying.

Btw… is mentioning or asking for help and using the word Walkera in relation to MP a bad thing in these forums?

I could use some help but don’t want to upset the Ardu folk.

I’ve been on priority sites before, mentioning certain words just doesn’t sit well with flag wavers. And typo specialist… things get scary… then I get banned for asking the wrong question. lol

Yes, metered internet is a PIA, we also have that “unlimited” stuff here :slight_smile:

SITL is an app that MP only downloads when required, so…

Regarding Walkera. As you know Ardupilot is an Open Source project that relies on contributions from supporting manufacturers, vendors and fellow users to cover costs. Some manufacturers don’t care about that spirit and use the project as a cost cutting feature, because they don’t even care enough to support their customers. So you see that some resentment might surface when a user asks for help for something their manufacturer fails to do…
But the core dev team really tries to help, regardless of the origin.

It would seem the world over is seeing new oxymoron terms being used by corporations like the hidden “limited” unlimited internet access.

I didn’t realize the situation between Walkera and Ardu/MP.

I was thinking if anything that I bought Walkera, not a PixHawk etc hardware. And that might be cause for attack or me having to tip toe around…

My situation is more they [Walkera] don’t know the answer when talking to IUAS. At least at that level they didn’t know the resolve.

I understood that their GCS was based on or is a direct offshoot of MP on the android side. While being direct on the PC side.

As a customer… I’m usually not privie to what goes on between manufacturer and the businesses they work with or recommend or have relationships with.

And after 6 weeks of pulling my hair out trying to get my bird truly 100% on my own and with internet help and even yes, attempted help from Walkera US coupled with what I consider quite a bit of hard earned money I just didn’t want to hear any crap, if I may be so bold, because I didn’t buy an Ardu piece of hardware.

For the most part, my bird is a solid piece of hardware at this point. It’s the software side I’m having issues with.

I’ve read Walkera and MP don’t quite match up as a PC based GCS. The reasons being somewhat unclear. And the Android app… I don’t know.

I just want this freaking bird to work 100% once for all.

It’s past the point of “not being a fun hobby” anymore.

And I don’t care what RTF you get, as I have 4 makes, from micro to my Scout X4. I’m pretty well done with obvious design flaws and failures and weak software factors.

All of them, need to step up and get their act’s together as far as I’m concerned.

Combined failure rates and flaws, doesn’t do much for the hobby except drive people away from and out of it. Personally, I’m close to that point. I’m fighting it, but I’m not going to keep throwing good money after bad and aging unnecessarily. lol

I’m sure you understand.

It’s a feature that I miss from the begining; perhaps It can be great if we can load a saved file and see them as MPlanner was connected; now, to see params I open Review a log and looks there.

This has been an open issue for over 2 years, but I don’t think Michael agrees with it. Anyone is welcome to vote their mind on github. Maybe someone could phase the request in a way that will be more appealing.

It sounds like MP is like Blender 3D use to be several years back.

I find some Open Source apps, and I’m not saying it’s the case here with MP, internally are kinda like organized chaos.

There’s limited programmers, direction is somewhat all over the place, ideas are jumbled, new programmers come in, they leave. It’s tough especially when you’re at the level MP is currently at… They’re on that cusp… just as Blender was years back.

Blender 3D made a great move, they brought in a team of top programmer’s which organized, rewrote the code and gave a solid direction to the app. Which greatly helped Blender break over that cusp. Today without question they have one of the top 3D CG apps out there. Rivaling all others. So much so, I’ve seen things incorporated into Blender that the other big CG apps later incorporated into their apps. That’s saying something when you got the big boys in the market looking at what your doing that hard.

If this feature has been requested for over two years now… Sounds like MP just needs some help.

This isn’t a low priority feature set. It’s almost a no brainer necessity.

Hopefully those behind MP will make the jump as Blender did. Propelling them forward on a grand scale.

Offline use of the parameters:

There are quite a lot of reasons for not having that. And it’s not an exclusivity of MP, but none of the other GCS apps do it…

The lead dev of MP has been in the project for quite a long time, and quite a lot of the main contributors.

Not asking to be argumentative, more inquisitive.

What are the “quite a lot of reasons” for not allowing existing parameter files to be viewed unconnected?

Good thing Cameron doesn’t follow thinking that just because others aren’t, he shouldn’t when it comes to development.

But to each his own on that one.

While I appreaciate your support for my longstanding open request, your description of Blender3D comes nowhere close to describing Mission Planner’s development. This is Michael Oborne’s baby and pretty much his alone. If you want a change, you have to convince him that it has merit. Michael is quite responsive to new ideas and works hard to bring them to fruition. However there are some ideas that just don’t make it on his short list for whatever reason.