How to use two rangefinders in single CAN Node

I am working with MATEK L431 CAN Node for one of the projects. I have tested with a single rangefinder through CAN Node.
Can anyone please help me to integrate two rangefinders in a single node?

Thank You

I am trying to connect an LW20/C via Matek L431 CAN Node.
Would you like to share your hardware and software (ardupilot parameters and CAN Node settings) configuration?

Hi @Spectre_Avionics

First you need to change the CAN NODE firmware…
Only then rangefinder parameters will appear.

Firmware file for MATEK L431:

AP_Periph.bin (126.4 KB)

Yeah, I uploaded firmware for rangefinder.
Still not getting any results :confused:
Lidar is connected to serial 2 (pins on the side of the board, not the connector)

Known issue, not yet fixed

My LW20 is on its way after a repair from Lightware. I can figure out the issue once its here.

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