AP_Periph not working with LightWareI2C

I have been testing the AP_Periph with the LightWare rangefinder and I cannot have it to work.
The same rangefinder works when I use it with my Pixhawk over I2C by setting TYPE=7 and ADDR=102.
However, when going to the AP_Periph, and setting the same parameters over UAVCAN GUI Tool, I can never get the uavcan.equipment.range_sensor.Measurement message out.
When trying my old rangefinder LidarLightV3HP by change the TYPE=21, everything works.
Since my LightWave is working with the Pixhawk, and the AP_Periph is working with other rangefinder over I2C, am I missing some parameters?

For this I have tested the latest AP_Periph 1.4.1.

Yep, confirmed , I have the same issue.
I did not had time to dig deeper ATM, but I minimally we should open an issue.
@rishabsingh3003 would you be interested to investigate ?

Thanks for the tag @ppoirier . Fortunately, I have a matek L431 and a lightware L20. I will investigate and fix it if I find a bug… but cannot guarantee a time frame for the possible fix