How to use external imus?

How to setup for matek h743 wing using exteral icm20608 imu?
I can’t find any related methods to setup external imus in the ardupilot docs.
Is there any one who can help me with this.

And by the way, what imus is ardupilot supporting now?
Thanks for answering the question😃.

Matek H743 doesn’t expose SPI, so a no go.
Vectornav VN300 is supported over serial as a full AHRS.

It does have external spi.
It’s on the back side of the fc, with four soldering pads marked cs sck si so.

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Seems to be supported. From the Hwdef:


I believe the same driver is used for:
Invensense IMUs, including MPU6000, MPU9250,
ICM-20608 and ICM-20602

But someone more knowledgeable about this can confirm.

Thanks you for answering the question :grinning:.
By the way is mpu6500 supported too?


It might be interesting to connect one of these but good luck finding one:

Great! I missed that.