How to use DJI Flight Simulator with a non-DJI controller?

Hello, I want to try to use DJI simulator with a FlySky fs-i6s controller.
Is there a way (preferably software) to do that? Like a driver, translator software or something similar that I could use?

I tried to connect it using USB cable like I do with other simulators but it just won’t work. The other sims recognize it but not DJI. I tried to install the driver that comes with the simulator in the folder, doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

DJI keeps things pretty locked down. Their sims are intended for their products so I doubt you’ll get a non-DJI controller to work without some kind of hardware hack.

That said however, you may be able to find a used DJI controller for sale on eBay from somebody who crashed their drone.

Or better yet, just keep flying your Arducopter gear because it’s way more fun and versatile. And if you can fly that then DJI is easy. :grin:

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There are other simulators that would work. Liftoff, etc. But your radio will either have to support Joystick out, like my Radiomaster does, or use a FC running Betaflight for game controller functionality. I used to use this method, it will work with any RC system.

Yes, I fly my arducopter easily too, but I just was interested in trying to get it working so my friends could try to fly it before I actually trust them to fly my drone. Also most of the simulators out there are for FPV racing drones, not camera drones (GPS stabilized) like mine is.

But don’t worry, it was just a question, I will find another sim that is more for my purposes!

Ask them to buy the Simulator. There are others with DJI like selectable craft.

Set up a buddy-box or trainer mode on your radio. Like a lot of things in life, flying is more fun with a friend and simulations just don’t cut it. And this way they’ll learn to fly yours the way you have it set up.

But if you’re still looking to go the simulator route try something like RealFlight. It has some DJI-like drones on it as well as some more non-stabilized.

And as Dave said:

Over the years I’ve bought a lot of simulators and I hardly ever use them after the novelty wears off. Lift-off has been the closest to an exception to that rule. I’ll use that for a while in the winter or early spring before flying season starts. Either to get the fingers working for FPV or just to help get a fix if I haven’t been able to fly for a long time.

And if you can fly a simulator in a Rate mode, a Stabilized mode will be child’s play :grinning:

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