How to support Navio2 on the RaspberyPi compute module 3?

I am a person who wants to use drones using rpi and navio2.
I checked that it works normally by connecting rpi 3b+ and navio2.
By the way, I want to connect navio2 using rpi cm (compute module) 3+ instead of rpi 3b+.
The sd card used for rpi 3b+ was inserted into rpi cm3+.
However, it did not work normally on rpi cm3+.
I used the image supported by emlid.
So I would like to change the adupilot software installed on the sd card so that it can work on rpi cm3+.
But I don’t know where and how to change it, so I leave a question here.
First of all, what I found is that the gpi value of rpi 3b+ and the gpi value of rpi cm3+ are slightly different.
I changed the gpi value of rpi cm3+ to the same gpi value of rpi 3b+, but it didn’t work normally.
I don’t know why, so I ask this question.
Please leave a reply to those who know where to edit the file.
I need your help.
The image file I downloaded is as below link.