How to simple calibrate compass in ardupilot like DJI Drone?

I use firmware version (Arducopter) 4.0.4. Now I have to calibrate all 6 axes of the compass every time.
How to simple calibrate compass in ardupilot like DJI Drone (use only 2 axis for calibration).

look like this video

You only need to do the compass calibration once with Ardupilot. Even if you move to a new site compass calibration should not be needed unless you’ve made major physical changes to layout and magentic field producing items like power wiring.

If your aircraft is asking for compass calibration repeatedly then something is wrong.

Let us know more specifics if you need help - frame, flight controller, GPS brand/model, battery type, errors, a link to a .bin log file.
It might be an idea to enable logging disarmed ->set LOG_DISARMED,1 and reboot.
Wait for problems to be captured in logs, get the .bin log file and host it somewhere like Dropbox and post a link to it here.
Disable LOG_DISARMED,0 afterwards.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.
But I just want a 2 axis compass calibrate like a DJI. Can I set it in the parameters? Or do I need to modify the firmware?

Thank you.

That would be a major firmware modification. Unlike our perception of a traditional compass being essentially a 2D device just pointing north, the solid state compasses used in electronics are a 3D device measuring the magnetic field lines as they pass through the device in every direction.
I’m not sure what assumptions DJI are making in their calibration procedure, maybe you could find an old compass chip somewhere that only needs 2D calibration but they’ve long been discontinued (as far as I know) and it’d still be a firmware mod or at least a new compass driver.

EDIT: and of course we only need to do this compass calibration once, so it shouldn’t be a big issue. Go outside away from everything, wait for a GPS 3D fix and then do the compass cal procedure. Any issue you experience after that can be solved and lots of people here can help.

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: