How to setup the super simple moder with Herelink Controller and Solex App?

how can i activate Super Simple Mode with Herelink remote controller?
I´ve already setted in mission planner this:

In the Solex App i had defined the Button A long click to activate the loiter mode, but i didn´t see any message that the Super Simple Mode is activated too?

But how can i activate it in HERELINK setup menue or in Mission Planner?
I´m using Solex as primary app.

Thanks in advance!

When you long press the button, is Flight Mode 5 highlighted in MP? One way you can do this is booting up Solex, long pressing A, closing out of Solex and connecting to MP to check the status (assuming you have no way of having both up at the same time). If so, super simple is automatically activated because you have it checked.

Yes, when i press long the A knob, the Loiter mode is activated, but i didn´t see if the Super Simple mode is activated too. Is there nowhere an status highlighted for the Super Simpe mode?

As far as I know, there is no virtual indication of being in Super Simple - just the check mark you put. Best way to test is just yaw the aircraft and see if it is activated.