How to Set Up H-RTK as a Mobile Base Station with Mission Planner for Automatic Home Point Coordination

I’m looking to configure an H-RTK (High Precision RTK) as a mobile base station that’s operating through a PC, and I want to use Mission Planner to synchronize the data to automatically set the Home coordinates for my drone.

Could anyone guide me on how to properly set up the H-RTK as a mobile base with Mission Planner so that it continuously updates and sends correction data to the drone, allowing the Home point to be dynamically and accurately set?

I’m particularly interested in the step-by-step process or any specific settings I need to adjust within Mission Planner to ensure the RTK/GPS Inject feature works seamlessly with the mobile H-RTK base station setup.

Thank you in advance for any assistance or pointers you can provide!

Hello Oliver,

here are the first two google hits for “missionPlanner RTK”:

Thank you so much, this has been a great help to me. How is the temp window in the video opened?

Press “Ctrl-F” but I think that is no longer necessary, there is “Setup >> Optional Hardware >> RTK/GPS Inject”

Yes, I did see that page, but I’m curious if there are any additional settings needed on the UAV side, or if the RTK base will automatically sync to the UAV, because I plan to do some testing with the PC+RTK base set up on a trolley.

The GNSS receiver antenna from the RTK basestation must be stationary during the ArduCopter flight.
There are no aditional settings.

It can be mobile all you want, when the copter is not flying.

Thank you. I am looking to create a mobile basestation (a truck), where the basestation would be a computer running Mission Planner, with the hardware using a datalink and H-RTK, aiming to have the UAV autonomously land on the truck. Is that possible?

Of course that is possible. As long as truck does not move during the flight of the copter.

In my mind, the UAV would track and land simultaneously, similar to what is shown in the linked video. I’m looking for a method that doesn’t involve using Lua scripts, but rather a way to set it up in Mission Planner, to achieve this functionality.

Follow me is different from RTK basesattion. Please do not confuse the two.

If you want follow me AND cm accuracy you need all this:

  1. stationary RTK basesation injecting RTCM packets into the two vehicles:
  2. The follow me vehicle needs a RTK capable Receiver (like ublox F9P) receiving RTCM data from the RTK basestation.
  3. The copter vehicle needs a RTK capable Receiver (like ublox F9P) receiving RTCM data from the RTK basestation.

I advise you to use Helical antennas on both vehicles.

There also needs to be a mavlink datalink between the followme vehicle and the copter.

So a total of 3 RTK capable receivers.

But if you do not need RTK, then I suggest you learn lua scripting.

Currently, the RTK base station (the truck) is using the UM982 (dual-antenna) and is connected via USB to the ground station for RTK/GPS Inject, using a datalink to communicate with Mission Planner via mavlink.
The copter is equipped with a Here3 Plus (u-blox M8P with RTK).
There are a total of one base station (the truck) and one copter.
Regarding the mavlink datalink you mentioned that involves three devices, I currently only have two endpoints. Could you clarify the configuration of the three devices you mentioned?
I have sketched a simple diagram of the current setup as follows.

For proper RTK operation you need a third stationary RTK basestation. Or an on-line NTRIP caster.

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If you need it based on my drawing, I can provide the one I just made so you don’t have to start from scratch. Thank you for your help.

I will also try using Lua scripts.

Read my answer again. It is all detailed there.

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