How to set RSSI?


I must be having a complete brain fart episode - i have completely lost any memory on how to setup RSSI on the R-XSR - frsky via sbus connection method.

I have 2 basic telemetry channels coming to X9+ radio - i see RSSI to show up, so, somehow it is getting sent from R-XSR to the radio. LUA script can show it, if I map it.

in the MP screen there are 2 live params - ‘rssi’ and ‘remrssi’ - both always remain at 0.
OSD item for RSSI also remains at 0.

looking at RSSI_ section of params i hav a feel it got erased somehow - as RSSI_CHANNEL is set to 0 and RSSI_TYPE is set to 2.

do i understand correctly that a proper value for RSSI_Type should be ‘3’ - receiver protocol? i tried to set it to 3 - but rssi values remain as 0 while radio shows 96-87dB values.

The way I have done it (but you might be talking about a different method) is by selecting mode 2 for the rssi type.
Then on the transmitter I go to the channel map and select a channel and set its source as “RSSI”.
Then in the ardu config, type is two, and I tell it which channel I told it to transmit RSSI.

hmm. may be. i think it would work.
i am just confused - i for some reason assumed, or presumed, that rssi can be sent somehow directly via sbus output from r-xsr into the copter code and it was supposed to work ‘as is’ via frsky protocol.

ok, i will try to set it via channel way, it will eat up one channel but it is ok. i must have mixed up something.

i just erased and recreated all models playing with radio, so probably just erased all this setup that was done years ago and forgot all about it :slight_smile:

ok. got it working - but, in MP ‘rssi’ value still shows as 0. in OSD it shows percentage now, i set it on channel 15. with max value - close to the model, i see rssi value to come as ‘1544’. do you know what will be the lowest value for it? i cannot see at home what it should be set to - it does not deviate much.

I have mine set at 1000 for low, and 2000 for high.
I believe it uses the full standard PPM range.

For RSSI in the HUD, the basic RSSI it shows automatically is telemetry RSSI.
So, I add RCRSSI, and that works for me, to display the RC transmitter RSSI.

Here are my copter settings:

so, before i set that like you did - only used channel 15 instead of 12 - in the OSD item OSD2_RSSI_EN - it was always showing 0.
i assumed that if now it started giving 1544 for the max rssi - the value of RSSI_CHAN_HIGH had to be adjusted? as how else it would know what a 100% stands for?

not sure, i can try to experiment more, it looks like i may be missing the concept here. :slight_smile:

on the taranis i added it in the input window, as a new imput using a source ‘RSSI’ - there was also a ‘RSSI-’ and ‘RSSI+’ - i used ‘RSSI’. then this new input was given to a channel 15 as a source. and with closest proximity it sends in ‘1546’-‘1544’. something. if radio is moved into a diff room, it drops a bit, to a ‘1534’ something. that is why i presumed i need to set max and min now?
if yours sends in ‘2000’ for a full strength rssi - i am not sure where is it set?

I don’t actually have it set up anymore on my transmitter because I use crossfire now, and it’s different…

But, here:

those are instructions. And it looks like you might need to change the weight and offset…
Weight to 200, and offset -100.

thx, i finally sorted it all out, it works now as it should.

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