How to set flte filters

Hi guys,

My build is a big QUAD, 28 inches prop, 12 S, so according to the wiki, I should use INS_GYRO_FILTER = 20. Any advise on how to set ATC_RAT_PIT_FLTE and ATC_RAT_RLL_FLTE. The wiki page does not mention those parameters. Default values are 0. Should I let them to be 0, or should set them with a value of 10, like FLTD and FLTT?

Thanks in advance,

Leave the FLTE values at zero (except yaw as documented) - I’ve never seen them altered but I’m sure there would be cases where they are required.
Use this spreadsheet as a way to check and set your initial parameters. There’s also a MissionPlanner plug-in with Alt A on the keyboard.


Update: as mentioned elsewhere many times, the spreadsheet and MissionPlanner plugin (Alt A) have become a full time MissionPlanner configuration page under Mandatory Hardware, Initial Parameters