How to secure the power supply when using jetson nano with a drone

I bought a jetson nano and am looking for a way to power it.
I plan to use it in connection with pixhawk

It’s a beginner question, but please help me.

Please let me know if you have any recommended products

Canot recommend some good UBECs but I have a advice for you to simplify your case
Jetson Nano has two power modes
5W and 10W
Jetson turn off when it is used at full capacity. Even if we use 15W UBEC (I used same as shown in image below 5V 3A) Jetson turns off after 5-7 mins


Thank you for your reply. Jetson nano can only run for up to 5-7 minutes? I want to do two things with jetson: place cameras and avoid obstacles using lidar. Other basic flight will be done with pixhawk.

Ok Then there is no issue. Just buy any 10W UBEC and put Nano in 5W mode. Everything will work fine