How to replay bin logs from ardupilot, ros noetic, to review flight in gazebo 11

How to replay the flight and also plot true motion and target (or desired) motion? We are trying to characterize/ understand the deviation from target path. The deviation is due to aerodynamic (wind/gust) interactions. Next step in this effort would be to modify the control system to mitigate gust effects. We are deliberately flying in a gusty environment. Also, what’s the difference between desired, target, and actual motion? One more question. We flew sysid flights at various speeds. The excitations were sine sweep and doublets in N, E, D, and yaw axes. So far I’ve done multi output single input n4sid on a per excitation axis basis. I could do single axis transfer function, or grey model tuning next. Any experience, thoughts, references on gust / shear characterization or gust / shear alleviation control development? My gut tells me to first correlate a grey model with 2nd order TF with lags interjected as needed, since that appears to be the grey beard approach, and it’s easier to interpret/ implement on the flight vehicle.

You should read the documentation on EKF wind estimation, and calibrate those parameters.

We have also added tons of sysID information to the wiki on a PR here:

Thank you for the suggestions!