How to reduce oscillation of VTOL's arms.?

I tried to test motors on quad plane vtol and I struggle with oscillation of vtol’s arm.
the heavy oscillation occurs when quad motors spin at 50 percent throttle.

how can I improve for this problem.?

The safest way to reduce osculations is to not post the same question multiple times :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry for my mistake

I recorded a oscillation of motor.

my set up battery 12s,50v
2.t-motor esc 80A HV
3. SunnySky XS High Power X6215S Brushless Motors 210KV

@amilcarlucas :pray: how can I solve this problem.?

What problem? What is the point of this test? The motor excites what its mounted to as RPM changes. So what?
And what does s single motor test have to do with Arduplane?

The problem that happen when I order the motor to rotate by connect the motor to the receiver and controlling it via the remote control. After accelerating the rotation of the motor to a certain speed Causing the motor to vibrate and produce the sound that appears in this video

I have tested the motor through arduplane and found that there is strong motor shake when using high throttle

What is the motor mounted to?

the motor was mounted with this motor Aluminum alloy CNC motor mount.


Mounted to what?

use for quad-mortors of vtol

That looks very flimsy. No wonder the motor is exciting it and causing vibration.

Have you seen this video?

The same one you have posted 4 times? Why don’t you assemble the plane and then test the motors.

Unrelated to the oscillations, but:
You’ll need to remove the connectors in the power wires running along the booms, and fit capacitors at or very close to the ESCs. Also try and fit capacitor banks in the wing directly after the power connectors in the middle. That is very long power wiring.
Also you’ll probably need to use twisted wires for all your signals, or maybe even shielded cable. Actually I doubt the PWM signals will work reliably (or at all) over that distance if this assembly is as big as I think it is, and certainly once all the current starts flowing and electrical interference goes through the roof!
A better way would be to use CAN bus for the boom motors and put CAN PWM nodes, 1 on each boom.
The Can nodes would probably fit inside the wing in that opening next to the boom.

I think T-motor have done themselves and everyone a dis-service by almost promoting that the ESCs have to be right at the motors. The whole setup would be better with the ESCs mounted more centrally and the motor wires could be extended. That would be normal for all ESCs other than T-Motor.

Have a read of this: