How to reduce lag with APSync VLC stream into MP

Hi Community,

I have just worked out how to stream video into Mission Planner(MP) using APSync and the VLC feed. The issue i have is the massive lag(latency) of the video stream. I have read through the documentation, googled and YoutTube this topic to no avail. I can get it working in Qgroundcontrol with little perceptible latency using the same method, which is copying the RTSP mount point from APSync and pasting it into the MP.

Can anyone provide a solution on how to remove this 2 sec latency or assist with instructions on how i use an alternative method such as gstreamer?

I appreciate your advice.


Try to seach for VLC buffer option … that surely the root of the latency

@khancyr the problem here is the gstreamer rtsp pipeline within MP