HOW TO receive live video streaming from camcorder


I’m looking for a quite strange thing.

What i want to do is to receive on my Raspberry (connected to my PixHawk) a live video from a camcorder (GOPro, Webcam, everything) while it is recording.

I explain myself better: i want to build a quadcopter that, with the help of a Raspberry, streams the video of a CAM mounted on it on a webpage while live-processing the video.

NOTE: i do not want to simply stream the video, I need to live-process it before uploading it!

Is it possibile to do something like this? What i need is a file coming from a camera that i can modify instantly.

You can do it with XBStation.

if you need it, we can support!

XBStation is a 4G LTE control system, which allows operators to control drones and live streaming via internet. It’s very easy to setup so that you can enjoy your flight with little steps.

  • WITHOUT GStreamer
  • Low Latency
  • OpenCV
  • custom Mission Planner
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Easy setup
  • Recording Video
  • Unlimited Range

XBStation User Guide:…