How to put gas and temperature sensor on a drone?

how to put gas and temperature sensor on a drone and receive it’s data on the ground station

You can use a companion computer, connect the sensors to it and use a second telemetry channel to transmit the data, or connect it to pixhawk and insert the data into the mavlink message stream.
Or you can attacht the sensors directly to pixhawk, write the code for them and send directly from there.

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I think the second way is much easier to achieve but how to attach the sensors to pixhawk and how to write the code … please help me to do that
thanks in advance

Read the available documentation and ask specific questions.

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This is too silly…we get every hardware we need…but we still have to add a extra telemetry, companion computer. Hope we can get a better way to achieve this.

In master you can do this completely on board with Scripting, there is even a example in this PR

Cant log direct to the existing dataflash logs until that PR goes in but you can log to a separate file now

@iampete I didn’t get what you’r talking about …

He is talking about reading some values and storing them on the SD card for future analysis on a PC.

But if you want live data transmission, you should instead write code to write mavlink messages, reusing the existing telemetry link.

@amilcarlucas yes that’s what i need a live data transmission … but i don’t know how to code , where i could get help writing the code

Read the documentation that I posted above.

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it’s full of topics and if want to read it all i need a million year to do that

What do you expect from us? Do you want us to give you the finished code?
Do you want us to teach you how to program?

No sir i just asked you 'where to get some help ’ even paid help i’m not asking you to code for me thanks a lot

You can and should post specific questions here.
I answered your question on where to start

Depending on the output type of your sensor, you might be able to set an input up for RSSI. It will be logged to SD card and sent to GCS where you can display it and it should be in tlogs too.

Were you able to make any progress on this?