How to put APM 2.8.4 flight controller into DFU mode?

to put apm 2.8 into DFU mode I have shorted the DFU pin and then the GND and RST pin after which i have connected it to my PC but the software name (stm32) is unable to read it … what should I do also do you think by USB cable is broken ?? how should i check it ??

Get yourself a supported flight controller. It will be cheaper than trying to get APM 2.8 to work.

Actually I can’t afford it … I have to work it with apm 2.8.4

APM2.8 doesn’t use STM32 CPU. You will need to look for the documentation in the archive.

Check ST DFU documentation for your specific chip. If there is an IOMCU, I suppose you refer to the FC chip.

I have changed all the esc but the problem is the same there is no difference so I think esc is not the issue… also I have seen a video on youtube where someone said if one or two motors are not working properly the problem can occur due to esc

video link :

the APM uses an old 8bit processor, it is no longer supported in any way. only STM32 chips have a DFU mode.

this is the cheapest supported flight controller money can buy

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Please elaborate brother

I have apm 2.8.4 it has DFU written on the circuit board

thats for the 32u4 chip that handles the usb >serial conversion and PWM-PPM conversion for the RC input, not the main controller.

So what do you suggest I should do , I mean how can I make it work because I really can’t afford any other flight controller…

you will need a really old version of mission planner to flash and connect to it, something from around 2015 like version 1.6.45. APM planner2 might work too.

there are no drivers for windows 10 or 11with that version of mission planner so you need windows 7 or earlier to even connect to it

Your photo shows an Atmel ATMEGA chip. ST software can’t do anything with it; perhaps Arduino? Anyhow, better forget this FC.

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Na bro I have to work with it this is my college project :sob::sob:… ■■■■ life is hard

Okk so

  1. I will download mission planner from year 2015

2)I have a laptop with windows 7 …

3)**Please suggest which year firmware i should use **

Also bro I have downloaded apm planner 2 it’s not working can you provide a link from where I can download it …

you can get the firmware here.

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So bro I should use mission planner 2015 with windows 7 and firmware from your link

Or should I go with apm planner 2

its been almost 10 years since i had to use one, good luck.

If the answers are not in the UnSupported hardware section of this forum, then you have to figure it out yourself. Only the people that post in that section use that board.

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Well.i want to ask you a question from where did you get your information… I mean I want to get into this what source should I prefer