How to maximize the Telemetry range?

Hello, i am working with Hobbyking 500mw telemetry. First of all, i want to know how to ensure that telemetry is transmit power is set to 500mw as in SIK Radio tab i can only select till 20Dib which is 100mW. Do we need to update it with any custom firmware? or itself maximize the output to 500mW.
(I have updated the telemetry via mission planner does it affects anything?)

How to limited what data is being transmitted back to the GSC from the copter so we can maximize the range and filter the data which is not required?

I have also modified the telemetry setup a bit due to space limitations i want to use an adapter cable to mount the antenna on the arm of the copter does this affects anything?

Hey, I am not sure if this will help :frowning: BUT I did find this:

^ these are setup guides which may help as well.

With the cable, yes you can run an extension cable it will not effect it much if you buy a good cable. I actually run a very similar mounting position with the RFD900x by mounting the antennas on the arms. Small tip, just don’t have them running inline with the carbon (parallel)

I hope this helps