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How to make your rover at any waypoint do a few actions

(José Manuel Susie Pearce) #1

I would like to make my rover when arrive at any waypoint do a few actions like start a motor, after that another motor. I have not any idea how to Thank you very much

(gmorph) #2

Do you mean a motor on the rover or a separate motor. How is the motor started?

(Amilcar Lucas) #3

With donekit-python you get an acknowladge whenever you reach a waypoint.
It is easy to react to that and trigger an action.

(José Manuel Susie Pearce) #4

Thanks for your answers gmorph and amilcarlucas. It is a separated motor. Amilcarlucas, I havent got any idea what are you talking about? I am very new about this field. Could you please lead me? I will appreciate it a lot

(Amilcar Lucas) #5

try to read the documentation for dronekit-python