How to make Servo angle wider

Hello All,
How can I make servo angle wider like 180degree, I tried Increasing PWM from my Taranis QX7, but it only allow 1000 to 2000, how can i make it 500 to 2500, may be that will solve my problem.
Thanks in advance

If it is a 180° servo, going beyond that might damage it. You can set extended outputs in OpenTX, but if the servo is connected to an arducopter flightcontroller, RC input and servo output are independent.
Missionplanner allows you to set the outputs to 800-2200us. You can enter lower/higher values in the full parameter list.

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thanks for reply, yes its 180degree servo, but now it moves only 90degree,i want to make it move 120degree at least.

180° means +/-90° from the middle position.
But there are servos that need a wider input than 1000-2000us to reach full travel.

One more question, how can i use 360 degree servo with pixhawk, i want to switch its rotation direction as well.

Do you mean a continuous rotation servo or a 1turn sailwinch servo?

Continuous rotation servo

Ok. You can control the speed and direction of the servo, but not the position. It should be stopped at ca. 1500us and move in different directions with a higher/lower PWM signal. Continuous rotation servos are geared motors basically

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This exactly what i want to? how to achieve this, any link

What do you want to do with the servo? Manual or automatic control?

Manual control, i want to make box opener for flower dropping

Then you have to set a servo output to “RCPassThru” or “RCXIn” and connect the servo to that output. RCPassThru means output number is equal to controlling input, RCXIn means the output is controlled by the RC input number you select.
The next step would be to assign a three position switch or a slider/dial on your transmitter to the channel you want to use to control the servo.

How would we do a continuous rotation that is automatic?