How to make new flightmodes visible in Mission Planner?

I’ve implemented a new flightmode and now currently trying to use the flightmode.
So I edited the firmware, compiled it and got a .apj file.
I’ve uploaded it on Open Pilot Revolution and connected it to Mission Planner.

I’ve thought I could choose the flightmode under “config” -> “flightmode”.
My flightmode did not appear in the drop down list. ;(

Are there good examples on how to successfully implement and use a selfmade flightmode?

Currently stuck. :confused:

Hope you can help me out. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Did you follow this wiki page:
Take close look at step 6 and 7 (assuming you did all of the first 5 steps correctly).
Did you able to change the flight mode using transmitter?

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Check this link. I was able to add a new flight mode name to Mission Planner by only editing the ParameterMetaData.xml file.

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Thanks! That helped me!