How to make camera triggering cable for the sony Alpha 6000

I am using sony alpha 6000 for the mapping services. can anyone pls tell me where I can find the cable for triggering and tell me the process to trigger the camera after regular time interval

A more easy way :

thanks for the reply its works for me

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I am using sony alpha 6000 too, and followed de video shared by @Matt_C and the pdf shared by @kikislater but i can´t trigger from mission planner.
Did @akhil do more than inicated in PDF document?

Power servo rail with a bec and don’t forget that you could not use it until you press safety switch

Make sure the ground and focus wires from the camera are connected to ground rail of the servo. The shutter wire is supposed to be connected to the auxout signal pin. Auxout 2 if relay pin is 51. So on and so forth.


Thanks for your reply. My problem was didn´t have remote RC, and i was configure CH7 as trigger camera, pixhawk was waiting the signal from RC, not from mission planner. I remove this configuration and work fine.