How to make a solid simulation after ardupilot no longer support for HITL

Hello, guys. Ardupilot no longer supports for HITL, does this mean we can only do the SITL before real flight? Is a SITL simulation solid enough? And are there some other simulation ways like the SIH in px4? Thanks!

Technically we do have HITL, via ardupilot/SIM_VectorNav.cpp at master · ArduPilot/ardupilot · GitHub although it’s not really documented anywhere I’m aware of.
Basically you can configure for ExternalAHRS and pipe the Vectornav simulator over uart. The vehicle doesn’t know it’s in a simulation, which can be dangerous. I’ve never actually tried it though (but I know at least one company that has implemented HITL that way). A separate effort also using an emulated External AHRS might appear soon too.
SITL-in-Hardware is on it’s way, hopefully later this year.

OK, I will try this, thanks!