How to let the multi-rotor initialize in the hand

I have a small four-rotor drone, and I want to take off in my hand, but the apm flight control detects that it will not pass during the movement. Is there any parameter that can change this?hope someone who knows can help me, thank you

APM? Which Flight Controller exactly?

mini pix with apm firmware

OK, APM is long obsolete so wanted to make sure. Check out Boat Mode. It’s not really a mode just disabling Gyro Calibration. Or let is initialize on the ground and then pick it up.

ok,thanks a lot.i will try later.

I’m also many time flying on hand and , so many time to fail initialize on my hand so put it ground and restart again and this method agree me.

Question is this mode creat any harmful damage also let’s talk about when gyro not initialize then what happened ? And it’s good or not.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: