How to integrate CAN 2.0 Sensor(i.eUS-D1) to UAVCAN?

Hi guys,

How to integrate US-D1 (CAN 2.0) to UAVCAN. When I am connecting to CAN-BUS, US-D1 Sensor CAN nodes are not Detecting. How could resolve this error?
I am using:
1.Arducopter 4.1.0
2.UAVCAN_GUI tool.
Sensor link:

I’m also attempting to connect the Ainstein US-D1 radar rangefinder to APM using UAVCAN. So far no luck. Any success using the CAN bus US-D1?

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@dr.mhelmke Sir sorry for late reply. may know which flight controller you have?

I’m using a Pixhawk 2.1 Cube orange with Arducopter 4.0.5. The UART version of the US-D1 works well, but I’ve had no luck with the CAN version using UAVCAN.

Sir @dr.mhelmke I will send Drivers. @tridge is done in version 3.x.x. It works for that version. Sir if you are the knowledge you can edit with your supported version. But in these drivers the values are coming from US-D1 is lite bit slow and erratic values.
I do not have any coding skils Sir.
Link is :-
.apj file is :-
Perameters :-

Sir, you can test the sensor with the above links. then you need to refine these sensor drivers with your application.

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@dr.mhelmke Sir US-D1 CAN drivers are in now master, working fine.