How to install Mission Planer on Arch linux

Hello, I am trying to install Mission Planner on Arch linux, but I am not able to do it. Is it even possible, or should I get a virtual machine? because I read the readme file in github and it only showed commands for debia/ubuntu with apt and no Arch with pacman. Worst case I can download a windows virtual machine with virtual box but I would prefer not too.

Did you try

No, I didn’t try that, I was trying to do it using .NET framework or something like that. Honestly I got lost because there wasn’t any Arch commands so I asked chat GPT to help me but he told me some things that didn’t work. Thanks, I just did it with mono and it works.

I managed to run it but I can’t connect to my drone. I have the SIK telemetry radio from holybro, and in my connetcion settings I just put “auto”. It got stuck in the waiting for ports. The radio on my drone and the one connected to my laptop both had the still green LED. It may be an obvious thing but I am a beginner… Any help would be much appreciated