How to install dronekit package on Apsync?

Hi ,
i received my Pixhawk2.1 , mount the Edison and install the latest APSync and 3.4.6Hexa on my PH2.
i start and it worked, i was able to connect to my computer(mission planner) or to my android(Tower) via UDP. Congratulation guys!!
now i have a question :

  • how do i connect the Edison to my router to have internet and be able to install new packet (dronekit) on Edison?
    also i cant connect via serial with the usb cable log to console port on pixhawk2.1?
    i use the user apsync password apsync
    thanks for your help

Did you find a solution?

hi, I have the same problem, the Edison is AP, can’t connect other WiFi network, and the apsync-Edison image can’t run Edison-config --wifi command, but this Linux version have installed dronekit key file and droneKitty-sitl, if you want to install dronekit example, you can download the example in another computer, then use pscp or ssh transport to your Edison

I have experienced another issue, my Edison can’t connect pixhawk2, it always shows link timeout, do you have this experience?