How to install and set up 2 bluerobotics ping sonar on Pixhawk4

I intend to use 2 Bluerobotic ping sonar for the purpose of obstacle avoidance and bathymetry at the same time. One is oriented down and the other is oriented forward. How shall i install them on pixhawk4 and set up on mission planner? I am very appreciated for any suggestion and share.

i suspect we’re solving the same problem - ie dont crash the boat. We’ve avoided lidar/sonar as any waves are going to be problematic. I have started playing with an Oak-1 AI camera which one day will be the way forward - but its all a bit early yet.

Do you have your Ping-1d’s - the standalone software from blue-robotics on windows etc allows playing with the speed of sound settings - the sonar def works well out of water. I didnt test it past my ceiling height. Good luck and keep us posted - i have a spare ping i never thought of using for anticrash - so thanks already.