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HOw to improve GPS


I started to test the rover and I program a simple path,

Waypoint 1, after 10 meters turn 90º right to WP2 and 10 meters plus, then turn right 90º and return

The problem is the path is not regular and exact! the gps calibration is in green and everything ok. But the rovers did the path roughly, not reaching exactly the WP, and doing curves, not straight lines

thank’s for your help

The fast answer is to use an RTK GPS to improve precision, but you will find a lot of information in this topic.

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How do you know this is a GPS problem. It looks a lot like a tuning issue and parameter setup.

I don’t know @David_Boulanger, how could I know it?

I’m new in this world


Can you post a flash log of the mission?

Hi I’m using PX4 CUbe and when I calibrate the compass I saw the following response from external

I tried to do in Mission planner, with Ardurover 3.4.2 and the same result


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