How to implement omni x configuration on an autonomous boat with an arducopter firmware?

Hi, I’m building an autonomous boat with an omni x configuration. I’m currently having a problem moving from manual to autonomous mode. FYI, I used this video on Youtube ( for configuration because the guide from the official documentation didn’t work (configuring the ESCs and FRAME_TYPE). I was reading through some posts on this topic and people were saying that the autonomous mode is not supported for omni vehicles on mission planner (lateral movement is only possible on manual mode). I’m planning on using jetson nano during autonomous mode for path finding and object detection and I need the omni config to work in this setting. I was wondering if I could go around this problem by flashing my flight controller with an arducopter firmware, only taking the x-y axis and not the z axis.

+) I noticed that there is are no-flight zones that doesn’t allow drones to operate in those areas. It seems to me that currently it’s the user’s responsibility keeping the drone out of these areas. Is there a way to override this or upload a custom no-flight zone? I’m not doing anything illegal here–just a boat.

Not supported. Auto Mode is but not lateral movement in its execution .


Not sure what you mean by this. What flight zones, what areas?

  • Just to confirm, even though I managed to configure the thrusters for x-y movement only on arducopter firmware and was able to implement omni x functionalities via RC, I still won’t be able to go omni on autonomously? (in auto mode)

  • By “no-flight zones” I mean the red circles that appear on mission planner. I believe they are restricted airspaces, where drones are unable to fly. I was wondering if I could override this restriction.

Via RC is like having no Flight Controller at all so that doesn’t do anything for you. You can run an Auto Mission with an Omni configuration but it will not move laterally. It’s heading will be towards the next Waypoint. If you have object avoidance that is still respected.

Those are just warning zones, they offer no restriction on flight/drive. Up to you where you navigate. Uncheck the option boxes on the Config>Planner page if you don’t want to see them.