How to get the source code of the flight plan made with copter (mission planner)

Hi drone enthusiasts! here I am again!

I’ll be needing your knowledge to solve this minor problem of mine of how I’ll be able to get the code of the waypoints (flight plan) I set with my drone in Mission Planner. Is there any method that can do what I need?

It’s described here:
With the mission loaded in Missionplanner, just right click, and save it.
The same when you want to use it again: right click and load the file.

Oh my point was I want to get the code of the flight plan I created. The code as is, like in a c code program or c# language.

If you could explain your use case - what you actually need to achieve - it might be easier to help.
Right now what you’re asking for doesn’t make sense to me.