How to find which SimonK firmware I can upload on the "unknown" 30A ESC


I want to try flashing of the “Lighting hobby” ESC’s (from alibaba) but I have no information about the model, type or FW version for it.
Can you please help me with explanation how to identify which SimonK FW is suitable for this ESC.

I know that they say “Nothing to program other than the throttle range” but I would like to upload suitable FW for my HexaCopter.


it has simonk firmware on them they should work without flashing.

Hi George,

I was thinking that maybe I should use the latest SimonK firmware so ESC’s will become more responsive.
The idea came to me because of my limited knowledge on ESC and what is in the logs.
Graphs are taken from the log of the flight after the successful AutoTune.


autotune gets you close to a good tune but its not perfect.