How to Dockerize Rpanion-server to use on multiple aircraft?


I’ve been using RPanion-server on a Raspberry Pi connected to a CubeOrange. I’m primarily using it for telemetry over cellular at the moment.

I want to set up the same environment but virtually, for development purposes - I want to try out some stuff with dronekit & pymavlink. I don’t have a software background, but my current understanding tells me this should be possible using Docker. For example if I have a script for Precision Landing, I want to be able to download & run the container on multiple aircraft.

I’m super new to Docker but I understand the basic principles. My main question is how do I create a container that will give me a base image that I can download on multiple aircraft. This would greatly save a lot of repetitive setup.

A rough diagram of what I have in mind:

Would love inputs & suggestions, thanks!