How to decrease the manual take off altitude?

Hello All,

I’m using Mission Planner. I need to know what setting or parameter do I use to change the altitude that my drone automatically climbs to when I take off manually. Thank you.:hugs:

Only with an Auto Mode Takeoff command will it climb to a set altitude. When you say “take off manually” what do you mean?

I have seen a parameter for gps flight modes that can set a takeoff altitude. I believe its pilot_takeoff in the full parameter tree?

I don’t think this has a use from Mission Planner. However it should work in QGroundControl as a Guided Mode takeoff. Never tried it.

Sorry, but that’s not correct.

There are two sorts of automatic takeoff in ArduPilot; one sort used by
Guided and Auto, and another that’s usable in altitude-controlled modes.

Solo actually uses the second sort; if you take off in loiter then the
vehicle bounces up to a pre-set height:

Ah OK, thanks for the correction. Only Solo for the Altitude Controlled mode takeoff?

Nope, that was just an example. It’s available generally.

Yea, I see in the Simulator. Cool.